Special offer - October

Back to school!

Support of natural defences especially for children and adolescents.

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For children and teenagers September is the beginning of a new school year. Meeting with classmates and friends after a long summer holiday, staying in a large group of children, all this represents a change and also an increased demand on the body's defences. Some kids are looking forward to school, some are not but all of them can benefit from the special package that Akuna has prepared. Supporting immunity, supplying important vitamins, minerals and trace elements are just some of the significant effects of the products included in the package.


The package contains 2 bottles of Aku4 complex, 1 bottle of Pinky, 1 box of AkuPREVE and 1 AkuSpray.


Aku4 complex is an excellent source vitamin C. One daily dose contains 1500 mg of vitamin C, which contributes to the normal function of the immune system. It also contains selenium and zinc.

Pinky is a dietary supplement that was formulated specially for children and adolescents to cover the demands of a growing organism. Pinky contains a number of important vitamins, minerals and trace elements and is an ideal supplement to children's nutrition.

AkuPREVE is a combination of three key substances that have a beneficial effect on the body's defences - colostrum, beta-glucans and probiotics.

AkuSpray is an effective and powerful hand spray important for proper hand hygiene without the use of water and soap. It can be used in a classroom, gym, school garden or on a playground.