Gain strength and energy from nature in the most beautiful month of the year!

The word "natural" plays a key role in Akuna's products. Our dietary supplements contain the highest quality natural extracts, vitamins and minerals. The package contributes to a healthy lifestyle and is a great source of important nutrients.  It will give you balance and improve your mood and overall life energy.

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95.00 £  for 4 pieces

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The package contains 1 bottle of Alveo Grape, 1 bottle of Alveo Mint and 2 bottles of Aku4 complex.

Alveo is a unique herbal tonic that has a positive effect on the entire digestive tract. It helps eliminate harmful substances from the digestive tract, provides energy and improves overall vitality. 

Aku4 complex with a high content of vitamin C and other important elements such as selenium and zinc is a complex product for everyday use. Vitamin C, selenium and zinc strengthen the immune system and can eliminate the risk of diseases and infections.