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Strenghten your immune system.


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The autumn season is always cherished for the beautiful colours of the leaves, however this time of the year is also often accompanied by gloomy weather, rain and yes, viruses. In order to defend your body against such viruses, you need to have a strong and healthy immune system; hence vitamin C to the rescue!  Akuna has the solution in a bottle, the specially formulated premium liquid supplement: Aku4 Complex. 
Aku4 Complex contains:

• selenium
• zinc
• cranberry juice and pomegranate juices  (loaded with powerful antioxidants)
• and most importantly every daily dose delivers 1500 mg of vitamin C 

It can help boost your immune response and reduce fatigue, while contributing to proper metabolic functions and supporting the body’s collagen formation to maintain healthy bones, cartilage, teeth and gums.
There is no better way to prepare your body for combat!

The package contains 4 bottles of Aku4 complex!